Just from watching the trailers for this movie I knew it was one I had to see. The perfect blunt title, the glitz and the glam had me very curious to see what it was about. I love films that take you away and this one did just that. Crazy Rich Asians allowed you to take an inside look into the lives of the insanely wealthy – a lifestyle many of us probably don’t get to see day to day – from Singapore. It’s various eye-catching visuals kept my eyes glued to the screen. The film reminded me of another great film that showed you an inside world of riches and glamor – The Great Gatsby 2013 remake. Some are calling the film another “Cinderella Story”, and I couldn’t agree with this more. However, it accomplishes this without being overly obnoxious like many other Cinderella stories made over the years. It is however nothing but subtle with how it shows the extravagant lifestyles of the characters. Crazy Rich Asians did a terrific job of being honest about stereotypes, and seemed to encourage people to embrace them. For example, Rachel says in the film, “I’m so Chinese. I’m an econ professor that’s lactose intolerant.”

The love story in this romantic comedy was another aspect of this film that won me over. The acting was believable and the characters likeable. Constance Wu does an impressive job capturing the modern day Cinderella with her character Rachel. The shock Rachel faced when she discovered Henry’s wealth seemed authentic and realistic. I was thrilled discovering Rachel is a female character who is independent and who doesn’t believe she “needs” a man.

Henry Golding’s portrayal of secretly crazy rich businessman Nick Young was also great. Nick was a respectful man who didn’t let his wealth turn him into someone egotistical or selfish. He was also incredibly sweet and romantic with Rachel. Golding’s acting was consistent and he stayed true to his character the entire film.

The movie is a tad predictable, but isn’t that what we all crave sometimes with a rom-com? Overall though, I would highly recommend that you go see this movie, especially while it’s still in theaters. All of the luxurious settings and scenes seem all the more glamorous on the big screen. It’s fun to watch and leaves you feeling good when you leave the theater. The ratings online don’t lie and I would definitely give Crazy Rich Asians a 9.5/10.

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