By Caleb Brewer

Currently, the Bengals have not had the season they were expecting after going to the Super Bowl last year. Last week the Bengals beat the New Orleans Saints and wanted to build momentum after they won. The score was Bengals 30 Saints 20. The Bengals brought that same intensity to the Falcons, beating them 35-17. Joe Burrow had an amazing game, passing for 481 yards and 3 touchdowns total. The Falcon’s cornerbacks didn’t stand a chance against the Bengals wide receivers. Tyler Boyd had eight catches for 155 yards while Jamar Chase had eight catches for 130 yards. The Bengals defense has been struggling all season, but they got the job done against the Falcons. The Bengals defensive line made it difficult for Marcus Mariota to sit untouched in the pocket. The Bengals cornerbacks did a great job limiting the Falcons wide receivers from scoring touchdowns.  

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