Todd Haynes 2015 drama Carol, filmed in Cincinnati is a true showcase that oscar worthy filmmaking can take place outside of the Hollywood landscape.

From the offset the first scene showcasing Cate Blanchett(Carol) and Rooney Mara(Therese) in the department store. The on screen chemistry is apparent, to say the least. At its core, Carol is a love story of two characters from completely different worlds that seem almost drawn together. From the expansive roads the two travel on their road trip, sharing small looks and emotions that transcend words. It truly speaks to the skill of an actor when they are able to convey emotions through expressions, not words.

This film dives into the real world issues that were prevalent in the age when the definition of love was between a man and a women. The struggle of Carols husband, dealing with a wife that does not love him not because of a fault of his own adds a sense of realism to his character. While he spirals into a darker path being much more cruel, the stem of the issue lies with a relatable problem of missing someone.

The film from a cinematic perspective is gorgeous, the grading that takes place leaves the film with an aesthetic that truly feels like a period piece. The cinema grain added to it adds a beautiful touch. The city of Cincinnati shines as a 1950s New York. The period piece cars used in the film add a layer of authenticity adds a nice touch.

The real shining moment of this film is the touching score of the film, the music skillfully weaves the viewer in and out of the emotional wavelengths. This really hits in the final act of the film as Rooney is walking through the dining room towards Carol.

This film showcases that fantastic touching pieces of work can be done all throughout the United States. The tax incentives being put in place are allowing for local film scenes to flourish and spreading the wealth of indie filmmaking. As states such as Kentucky are losing their incentive, this film can act as a flagpole to what the best an incentive has to offer.

I can not recommend this fantastic film enough

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