I played a board game recently. It was called Secret Hitler. Basically the concept was that however many players there are the majority are liberals and the minority are fascists with one person playing as “Hitler”. The objective for the liberals is to be figure out who Hitler is and kill him or get four points. The objective for Hitler and the fascists is to elect Hitler as chancellor or get four points. The only problem is that nobody knows who the other players align with besides the fascists (excluding Hitler). I’m sure after this although brief description it isn’t hard to imagine the yelling, name-calling, chaos and fun that would be had playing this simple game. Or maybe it reminded you of games that you used to play with your friends, or even games you are playing now.

My point in all this is that there is so much focus on having fun through media, through a screen, but it never really adds up. Try and think of the last time there has been a moment as fun and chaotic online that compares to that of a good board game. For most its probably at least somewhat difficult to do, at least it is for me. There are an abundance of reasons as to why this could be but perhaps most apparent to me is the ability to actually be in the physical presence of others creates a different level of intimacy and interaction than any technology could provide. That might not be the case some years on down the line, but in today’s world I believe it to hold true. Every good aspect of social interaction through media feels muted and every bad aspect amplified. Good ol’ fashioned face-to-face fun seems to do just the opposite.

So let’s bring board games back instead of movie night or a LAN party or whatever the hell else that is done online and take it back to the basics. Kick on some background music, grab a drink Find the least uncomfortable position to sit on the floor and yell at your friends about stupid things face to face rather than through a screen.

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