By Ethan Herzog

The Bearcats looked to bounce back after an 83-77 loss to Tulsa last Saturday as they hosted the Memphis Tigers Tuesday night at Fifth Third Arena.

The first half started slow for Cincinnati, allowing 41 points on defense, and only making just under 27% of their shots on offense. The Cats shot eight for 30 on FG’s and one for 10 from behind the arc.

The Bearcats would come out with a second wind in the second half, finding shots from the three-point line, as well as some momentum-shifting dunks. However, it would not be enough, as the Tiger offense would keep the game just out of reach. The final score from Tuesday: Memphis, 81, Cincinnati, 74.

Leading Scorers for Cincinnati:

Jeremiah Davenport: 20 Points 8/13 FG | 3/7 3P

David DeJulius: 13 Points | 5/10 FG | 3/3 FT

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