Bearcat Blitz 2018

By: Reid Schroder



It has been a long time coming, but Bearcat Blitz has made its revival in 2018. Bearcat Blitz originated in 2012 and had a 36-episode run until 2016. The show was led by William Wolkoff and Corey Griffin. Although the students who ran Bearcat Blitz graduated, their legacy lived on and people were curious as to the future of the program. Wolkoff and Griffin left great stepping stones for the future and have created a template for a UC student-run sports program.


Let’s get into it.


To lead into the next chapter of Bearcat Blitz, we thought it would be fitting to talk about March Madness and it was anything but calm. We assumed the Cats would make a run and that we had time to wait and produce a video celebrating the fact that we would make it to Sweet Sixteen. We were mistaken, shocked, and blown away. Our Cats were upset late in the round of thirty-two by Nevada. Our boys put it all on the line. Hats off to Nevada who never gave up and pushed UC to the limit. The Bearcats will be back next season hungry and ready to prove themselves.


Next up was something the entire nation was talking about. Sixteen seed University of Maryland Baltimore County Retrievers demolished the Virginia Cavaliers by an impressive twenty points. This was a major talking point because it was historical. Never In tournament history has a 16-seed beaten a 1-seed in the first round until this year. They say that Madness happens in March, but this year was one for the record books.


It has been an honor to follow in the footsteps of Wolkoff and Griffin. Without their drive to use the platform they were presented; Bearcat Blitz wouldn’t have come about. This series will continue to grow and I cannot wait to see where it goes in the future.



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