It’s that time of the year again! Bearcast Media is looking to build their newest board of directors for the 2017-2018 school year. Are you a dedicated general body member ready to make a meaningful difference in this organization? Are you ready to take on a leadership role on campus? Do you have great ideas on how to improve Bearcast and make it even better in the future? If this sounds like you, take a look at the director positions below. If you find one (or more than one) intriguing, follow the instructions on how to apply below. Also, we encourage you to reach out to a current director if you are interested in their position. You can find their contact information here, or reach out to them at general body meetings on Thursday nights. Good luck!

General Mangaer (Must Have Previously Held a Director Position)

The General Manager is in charge of director meetings and helps all directors accomplish their goals. The GM also helps to bring new opportunities to Bearcast and works alongside the faculty advisor on all projects.

Programming Director

The Programming Director is in charge of all DJs who have shows on Bearcast Radio. Responsibilities include interviewing new DJs, unlocking the studio every morning, and holding DJs accountable for their attendance and on-air content.

Technology Director

The Technology Director is in charge of training DJs and overseeing the studio facilities. Responsibilities include general maintenance of WideOrbit, MusicMaster and other tech pieces of the organization.

Music Director

The Music Director is in charge of all music on Bearcast Radio. Responsibilities include sorting and uploading received music to the server for airplay, management of our Spotify account, and screening music DJs submit for their own shows.

Audio Director

The Audio Director is in charge of all audio production for on-air promos/IDs and music sessions. Responsibilities include helping DJs produce on-air content and helping mic/produce audio for videos (when applicable).

Video Director

The Video Director is in charge of all video production and photography opportunities. Responsibilities include helping general body members produce videos (promos, sessions, recaps, narratives, etc.) as well as uploading content to Bearcast’s YouTube page.

Artist Relations Director

The Artist Relations Director is in charge of the correspondence with artists who have an interest in collaborating with Bearcast, especially artists who would like to schedule a session (on-air, in-studio, Bearcoustic, Queen City).

Promotions Director

The Promotions Director’s goal is increase awareness about Bearcast and its events both on and off campus. Responsibilities include handling the orders of merchandise, creating innovative ways to promote Bearcast and scheduling remotes, open mic nights, and other events for Bearcast members.

Business Director

The Business Director acts as the Treasurer of Bearcast alongside handling contracts and deals with outside businesses and organizations. Responsibilities include facilitating correspondence among external businesses in the area (Mio’s, Rohs Street Café, etc.) and keeping track of Bearcast’s budget.

Communications Director

The Communications Director facilitates correspondence between the directors, the general body, and other campus organizations. Responsibilities include helping new Bearcast members, acting as the liaison between Bearcast and other campus organizations, working with the General Manager to run general body meetings, and acting as Bearcast’s Secretary.

Social Media Director

The Social Media Director is in charge of giving Bearcast a positive voice on social media outlets. Responsibilities include making regular social posts and managing all social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.).

Sports Director

The Sports Director is in charge of Bearcast’s tie-in to the sports community and culture at UC. Responsibilities include producing Bearcat Blitz, hosting a sports show on Bearcast Radio, and providing media coverage for UC games throughout the year.

Web Content Director

The Web Content Director is a fusion of New Media and Editing whose goal is to keep our website up-to-date and functioning with content from the general body. Responsibilities include general site maintenance and improvements (WordPress), revising student articles, updating the radio schedule, and offering fresh ideas about how to optimize our online presence.

Television Director

The Television Director is a perspective new director position that will help build, oversee, and evolve Bearcast’s upcoming television/online stream station. If you plan on interviewing for this position, PLEASE have an alternate position that you are interested in as well.

To Be Eligible:

Submit a resume and cover letter to Chad Ashmore and Chase Stock by Monday 3/27, no later than 5pm. Cover Letter – tell us what position(s) you want and why you want it! Interviews are Thursday 4/06 and Friday 4/07. Sign up for a 15 minute time slot at our General Body Meeting on Thursday 3/30. If you won’t be in attendance for that meeting, please email us a list of time slots that work best for you. Let us know if you have any questions!

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