If you heard the name Sven Gamsky, it may be likely that you mutter “Who’s that?” But if you took a look at his Instagram, you would get a peek into an indie paradise where some unique music magic comes together. Sven is a Twenty-five-year old that goes by the alias of “Still Woozy”. He is creating a unique style of music that mixes R&B and electro-pop. Sven navigates his passion project out of his garage in Oakland, California where he makes all his music in his garage. He uses a guitar, bass, piano, drum pads, and a new top of the line synthesizer to curate his dreamy sound.

Image result for still woozyMusic isn’t something new for Sven. He has been playing for over 16 years. During his time at the University of California at Santa Cruz, he formed a math-rock inspired band with a few friends called Feed Me Jack. After five years, the band called it quits in 2016. From that experience, he felt that he gained an in-depth understanding of songwriting and music. He was ready to take on the creative process for a solo project. In April of 2017, he released his first debut single “Vacation” which he wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered all by himself.

Thanks to the power of the internet Still Woozy began to rapidly increase in popularity and that showed in the streaming numbers. When he released his second song “Cooks” it landed a place on Spotify’s fresh finds playlist which garners over 20,000 followers. From that moment, Sven was shocked to see that Still Woozy was not only catching on, but it was going to experience exponential growth.

Something special about Gamsky is that he isn’t afraid to go outside the confines of the indie/ electronic genre and run with his own thoughts. Through experimentation and trusting his gut, he found his niche and is comfortable in the current place where he can seemingly elevate the ordinary from his garage. Still Woozy is taking his dreamy falsetto vocals, synth, funky grooves, and witty lyrics and bringing it to the masses. He is definitely an artist on the rise.

Sven went from playing his first solo show in December 2017 to nearly selling out more than half of his tour and is on the lineup this year at Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Governor’s Ball in NYC.

Check out his latest release habit here.

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