Most artists release an Extended Play (EP) before releasing a full-length album, but the music band A R I Z O N A chose a different approach. The band released their first-ever album Gallery on the 19th of May this year with 12 original tracks. The album shifts from varying shades of pop, alternative, and rock to showcase the beauty of modern-day music. However, the one track that nails it big-time is Electric Touch ranking as the band’s second most popular song on Spotify, just below Oceans Away.

Electric Touch is a coming-of-age track as it honors the LGBTQ+ community in a heartwarming way. Starring a same-sex couple, this single makes you feel a sea of emotions all in a short span. It is emotional; it is intense; it is heart-touching; it is perhaps everything you need to believe in true love all over again!

The overall vibe from the song reminisces The Weeknd and is doing very well on the popularity charts. However, A R I Z O N A could have done a better job with creating their own sound in this song. The song displaying a delectable melange of electronic music and pop should be remembered as being an A R I Z O N A original, but it runs the risk of acquiring the name – “sounds like The Weeknd.”

Having said that, the track makes up for it with its great lyrics that paint a tangible picture of a couple trying to be together despite the obstacles that stand between them.

Zach, the lead singer sings how he doesn’t want to think about the “distance,” but the “electric touch” that binds the two lovers together. People who has ever been in a long-distance relationship will certainly connect with this song. Scoring 3 out of 5 on our scale, Electric Touch is an extremely catchy song and proves that A R I Z O N A is a band we should keep an eye on!

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