Getting lost in the woods is a fear that most people probably have, but getting lost in the woods with things that want to kill you is even worse. Altar follows the story of former college classmates who get stuck in the woods while on their way to a college reunion.

Maisy Marks, played by Stefanie Estes, convinces her younger brother Bo to tag along on her college reunion trip with her and a few of her old classmates.Bo Marks, played by Jesse Parr, was diagnosed with borderline Asperger’s and struggles to be around other people.

To comfort himself, Bo records everything on the “Bo-Cam” and plans to document the entire trip. Maisy and Bo decide to ride to the site with Chelsea, Asher, Ravi, and Pam, but after riding for hours up a mountain, things do not work out as planned.


Altar is a simple movie; there was nothing spectacular about it. I was hoping for more, but I never got it. Some of the script and acting was cheesy or predictable, and some parts felt like they dragged on. I thought with the title of this film being The Altar, we would see a lot dealing with an altar and the people who go there. Unfortunately, the altar was only shown twice in movie: once at the very beginning, and once at the end.


I liked that this film didn’t try too hard to cover up what it was trying to say. Although I was confused at times, the storyline stayed relatively simple, and there was some sort solid conclusion. This film fares at a rating of 4.0 because there were some really interesting parts in it. Was this my favorite Hulu movie? No, but it is far from the worst.

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