Written by, Anthony Lallo

Action Bronson exudes uniqueness in every aspect of the word. Hailing from Flushing, NY, his repertoire includes being a respected cook, author, and world traveler. His personality is well-reflected in his music, as he dishes out witty, off-rhythm lines over atypical beats. In a crowd of people, Bronson is sure to stand out, which is also apparent in his newest album.

Bronson’s mixtape Blue Chips 2 was the turn of success which led to his first album, Mr. Wonderful. Blue Chips 7000 is his latest piece, which released August 25th. On first listen, one would instantly notice the creative-sounding beats that he chooses to rap over, as it is for most of his music. But perhaps one of Action Bronson’s best qualities is his ability to craft such witty lines over said beats. “My bloodline predates Aardvark and large shark, And cookin’ flesh off of charred bark”, he raps over his intro song, Wolfpack. Pretty early on, you get the feeling you’re in for an interesting album.

Action Bronson’s lyrics, combined with his beats and free-flowing rap ability, is the package that is Blue Chips 7000. Blues, reggae, and salsa are what come to mind when working to explain Bronson’s enigmatic beats. The big feature on his album is his counterpart Rick Ross, along with long-time collaborator Big Body Bes, Mayhem Lauren and Jah Tiger. Action Bronson confidently raps like he has nothing to prove, and he doesn’t consider how many different things he has his hand in. He’s got a show on VICELAND called “F**k, That’s Delicious”, as well as a book which just released two days ago. Blue Chips 7000 is a full experience, and its lively sound will be best suited listening to during the daytime.

Favorite songs:

9-24-7000 (feat. Rick Ross)

Rick Russ and Action Bronson are already so similar, but they have the perfect lineup for this song. Rapping over a smooth beat, it feels like I’m floating through outer space listening to Bronson and Rick Ross smoothly delivering bars.

Durag vs. Headband (feat. Big Body Bes)

As the caboose of the album, Bronson rhymes over a simple, continuous beat in an impressive fashion. He goes on rapping for a minute and a half straight to hand it over to Big Body Bes for about 10 seconds, before going back at it.

My Right Lung

“I’d give my right lung if I could dunk a basketball one time”, he repeats in My Right Lung. It’s a smooth song that isn’t verse-heavy, but more beat-eccentric. Bronson gloomily repeats that line a few times before going into a short verse, only to go back to the chorus. It’s a simple, yet highly enjoyable song.

Blue Chips 7000 is a continuation of Action Bronson’s style and music. It sounds similar to his other projects and probably trails his first album, but nonetheless is a good listen for anyone. His sound is more appealing to non-rap fans because of his beats, which have quality effort and real instruments. If you haven’t yet, I recommend you check out his album out now on all streaming sites.

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