I definitely had to be persuaded to see A Quiet Place. I heard that John Krasinski and Emily blunt were acting in a movie together which sounded amazing! Jim from The Office, the beautiful Emily Blunt, and they’re MARRIED. This couldn’t be better! Then I found out it was a horror. Um. No.

I’m not good with horror films, but what I’ve learned is that the advertisement is typically scarier than the film! The less you know, the more terrified you feel. Either this held true or I’m just becoming more impervious (crossed fingers), but A Quiet Place is not overwhelming! A perfect thriller, I’d say.

Once I actually was convinced to go, another bonus was the run time: only 90 minutes! This is prime for a thriller. Anything past an hour and a half for a suspense can tend to get a bit boring or overly exhausting, and the timing on this was perfect.

Maybe you’d like to hear the actual premise? I thought it was quite unique! An isolated family tries to stay alive in a world inhabited by creatures that hunt by sound. Anything as loud as a coffee cup falling to the floor will attract these ruthless creatures within seconds to tear you apart. Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John krasinski) have done their best to lead a quiet lifestyle–to simply live. They walk on a trail of sand to mask their footfalls, they all speak ASL so as to avoid even talking. They also have a daughter who is actually deaf, with Lee trying his best to fix her hearing aid.

That is all I can give away in good conscience! This is truly an incredible film…as soon as it was done, I wanted to watch it over! Especially the opening scene. I’d watch that on repeat.

Something interesting to note is that John Krasinski actually directed this which was wholly shot in 36 days! Definitely one of a kind right there. John especially wanted to cast Millicent Simmonds, who plays their deaf daughter Regan, in this film. Millicent is actually deaf in real life, and John pushed to hire her instead of another actress in order to bring an authenticity to the film.

If you haven’t seen this, you must hit the theatres right away! If you don’t like horrors: you must still hit the theaters right away! I cannot stress this more. This film will blow you away. See you at the movies!


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