I must have heard it 1000 times: “You HAVE to watch Rick and Morty, it’s amazing!” While I am not usually one to give in to this type of binge-watching peer pressure, I had to see what the hype was about. To preface, I love adult cartoons (Family Guy, American Dad, etc.). So, if you’re not into the type of comedy that pushes it’s jokes a bit too far, you should turn back now; this show isn’t for you.

Rick and Morty is a comedy featuring a teenaged boy (Morty) and his genius, alcoholic grandpa (Rick) going on exciting sci-fi adventures together. They go to alternate universes, fly in space, and Rick even turns himself into a pickle for an entire episode. Yes, a pickle. This show isn’t funny and random just for the sake of being funny and random. Rick and Morty does a great job of juggling its very dry sense of comedy with important issues that are usually hidden deeply in each of the episodes. There are episodes based around Morty’s parents’ divorce, and there are episodes based around The jokes can be dark at times, so this show might not be for everyone.

After finishing 3 seasons in a week (I am the binge watching queen), I would definitely rate this show an 8.5/10 for being one of the most truly unique, and most hilarious shows I have ever watched. Once I reluctantly began this show, I was not able to stop.

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