Allah Las- Allah Las

I would best describe this album as the perfect summer car drive album. It’s got a beach-y feel to it and catchy instrumentals. This is one of the few albums that I really love pretty much every song on it. It’s also an album that I think pretty much anyone could listen to, and they would enjoy it!

¿Cómo Te Llama?- Albert Hammond Jr.

This 2008 album has easily made my top 10 of all time. Although I love the Strokes, I would say that I enjoy Albert Hammond Jr.’s solo stuff even more. This is such a cool album to me for many reasons. None of the songs sound alike, and they are pleasing to listen to. It’s interesting because while I listen to this album, I find myself switching moods. The album might have you feeling one way at the beginning, but you’re likely to be feeling quite different just a few songs in. They all create such a different mood, and I love that about this album!

Sales- Sales

This EP is a new favorite of mine. I would say it is quite similar to girl bands such as Frankie Cosmos or Hinds. Personally, I really love girl bands and when I find one like this one that I really enjoy, it quickly becomes a frequent listen.

Trouble Will Find Me- The National

The National to me would be best described as alternative music. But like, good alternative music. What stands out to me when it comes to this band would be their unique vocals and instrumentals. Over the summer The National was for sure in my top 10.

Pool- Porches

This tech-y sounding album mixed with the angelic vocals of Aaron Maine is one I always find myself listening to. It’s such a pretty album, and Aaron Maine’s voice is one seriously like no other. He has such a peaceful and beautiful voice to listen to, and it’s just a bonus that the music he makes is just as amazing.

Slowdive- Slowdive

Slowdive has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to shoegaze albums. If you aren’t familiar with shoegaze, it’s kind of like spacey, dreamy vibes mixed with rock. It’s a great genre and has a lot of popular associated bands. I would even say it’s a bit similar to dream pop such as Beach House, but with a stronger rock influence. If you enjoy this shoegaze album, be sure to check out others like it such as: Ride, My Bloody Valentine, and Lush.

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