Finding friendships

When you join Bearcast, you will find a group of like-minded people with similar interests as you. When you put a bunch of students together into a room who have the same passions and interests, friendship is bound to be fostered. Tip: Sitting next to someone new each meeting gives you an opportunity to find someone just like you which could potentially create a lasting friendship.


Practicing Skills

When you join Bearcast Media, there are a variety of different areas to get involved and practice your skills. Are you interested in videography, but want to sharpen your already existing skills? This is the right place for you. Get together with a video group and film a studio session. Are you a master artist and want a place to share your graphic design skills? Create promotional graphics or help out with the videography crew on vector images to add to their short films. Any skill you want to practice regarding Electronic Media, Bearcast has a space for you.


Learning Something New

If you are completely new to the realm of electronic media and do not have any previously learned digital, sound, or videography skills, Bearcast is the place for you! You can learn new skills from the members around you. If you do have skills you want to practice that’s perfectly fine; however, it is exciting to be open to learning something new too! You will definitely run into something new even if you aren’t expecting it at Bearcast, which is what makes it great!


Realizing Passion

Bearcast not only helps you develop new skills, but it is also a great way for people to discover new interests they did not know that they had within them. For instance, a friend of mine told me that when he took a class called “Student Media Practicum” where students choose an area of interest to participate in productions of Bearcast Media. My friend participated in an area of interest outside of the interest he originally signed up for. He had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the experience. He learned he had passions that he did not know he had.



Bearcast Media gives you the opportunity to meet students and professors that could lead you to find your next career. Every connection you make means something. Since Bearcast is a place where creatives and tech gurus come together, you are sure to find someone who will lead you to your next gig.


Learn more about Bearcast and why you should join here!

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