Show Schedule – Fall 2017

10am-12pmOn The Record Sports (Claude Thompson and David Wysong) TNR NewsOn the Record NewsKennedy's Curtain Call (Kennedy Metcalf)
12pm-2pmSportz Blitz (Josh Friedman)Matt's Manic Movie Show (Matt Harris)The Lucky and The Locko (Ken Schengrund Matt Allocco)Bowled Over Bollywood (Gulnaaz Afzal)Get Edumacated! (Jacob Stump)The Jelly Club (Connor Smith)
2pm-4pmOld News (Wesley Bumpus, Lester Roberts)Music Now (Adam Hesselbrock, Alex Heyl)Tapioca Show Film In Color (Anfernee Meyers)Sports; "Any Way You Want It" with Alex FrankThe Rabbit Hole (Robert Herbolt)
4pm-6pmToon Radio (Ashlyn Stephens)The Daily (Robert Craig)Banter City (Anthony Lallo, Grant Meeker)Sarah TinderI'm Mad (with Mad)(Madeline Foley) Thoughts From the Road (Kyle Etter)
6pm-8pmThe Lamestream (Cullen Lewis)Tune Takeover (Cayleigh Kerns)The Universe at University (Julie McCarthy)Couples Therapy (Connor Sweeney)UC Off Topic (Jason Obergefell, etc. )Nick's Believe it Or Elese (Nick Synder)
8pm-10pmBorn In the Wrong Generation (Benny Winkelmann)Miscellaneous on Mondays (Elizabeth Carrigan)No Long Talking (William Houston)Unashamed Radio(Parker Shepard) 8th Hill (Josh Sempsrott)Radio and Chill (William Houston)
10pm-12amThe Message (Keaira Sparks, India Harrison)Clueless (Emma Nicolis)Digging For Gold (Colin MacGeorge)Those Pine Boiz (Braden DeVine) What You Know 'Bout This? (Ciara Cruder)Well Rounded (Peter Birsen, Bryan Johnson)
12am-2amGood God (Zach Lawson)

*designates every other week